Top 5 handicraft materials in Vietnam

top 5 handcraft materials

In case you are on way to find the materials which it is popular in handicraft field. Vietnam will be an address you should notice. Below is our 5 top handicraft materials which are very popular in Vietnam.

1. Water hyacinth

Water hyacinth is a kind of flora which live floating on rivers. In Vietnam, it is very easy to find water hyacinth because we have big rivers such Song Hong in the north and particularly Mekong River in the south.

Water hyacinth find easily is also the main reason to take it to the top 5 materials in handicraft in Vietnam. With available sources, our weavers can save the cost for buying material when they can find it everywhere in any seasons.

In Vietnam, there are many villages where can make it but the water hyacinth items easily to find in the south of Vietnam with many villages can weave. One of that, you can address to Mekocraft who has over 10 years work in this field.

2. Bamboo

It will be missing if you ignore the bamboo. It seems bamboo can develop almost everywhere in Vietnam.

Also, as the bamboo trees often grow in clusters with a strong vitality, it represents the solidarity of Vietnamese people as well as their diligence and loyalty to their homeland. 

Vietnamese close knit bamboo explain why there are many bamboo items made to server the daily life. It takes the development of bamboo handicraft.

Basing the available source, it is easy to understand why our weavers can enhance the craft to a new level when its products look like an art work. We export million dolars every year for many fastidious markets such as Europe, American…

3. Rattan

Rattan Vietnam is a bit different when comparing with the other countries. Rattan in Vietnam is rough and quite small so it looks quite quaint and it is easy to attract for ones who like nostalgia.

In Vietnam, our craftman need to go into the forrest to collect the material so it is quite expensive when comparing with the natural others such water hyacinth, bamboo, seagrass… but it deserves to get one’s money worth. With the creator of our craftman, it will make you supprise when you get it.

In case you are curious these items please let us know, our Mekocraft can send you a big collection of rattan that we strongly believe you will not spend your time to find.

4. Seagrass

Following the definition of Wiki, Seagrasses are flowering plants (angiosperms) which grow in marine environments. There are 60 species of fully marine seagrasses which belong to four families (Posidoniaceae, Zosteraceae, Hydrocharitaceae and Cymodoceaceae), all in the order Alismatales (in the class of monocotyledons).

When you have a chance to come to Vietnam, we are sure that you will easy to find many craft items and one of that is seagrass item which you will like at the firt time to see them.

Seagrass is flexible and strong enough and particularly to paint the color so its products are very colorful and catchy.

5. Palm Leaf

Planting much in middle of Vietnam, Palm leaft is a special product for Vietnam handicraft.The Thunder Palm Leaf which is required for making the products is got from Palm Tree which is ivory in color. These leaves are dried under sun for 2 days to guarantee no pest cannot stand inside.

Through the hands of craftmans, products of palm leaf will give us a suprise which color pattern that you can not find anywhere in the other materials.


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