Top 6 of Vietnam Handicraft Products should know

top vietnam handicraft products

As an agriculture national, Vietnam has known as a country which have many handicraft items. As a producer who has many years we would like to give you some of Vietnam Handicraft Products that you shouldn’t ignore. 

Vietnam handicraft products made from water hyacinth

If you have read our articles regarding Top 5 handicraft materials in Vietnam you will understand why water hyacinth always stay at the top of best Vietnam handicraft products for any customers who want to find the handicraft products. 

The material is available and there are many weavers is a main factor which give many ideas for designers to create the products. Below is our water hyacinth you should notice.

Vietnam handicraft products made from Seagrass

As water hyacinth material, Seagrass is one of top materials which is always available source and easy to find. With a flexible thread our weavers can easy to weave it and it also easy to dye color so the products made from seagrass material very diversity from the shape, pattern, colors…

Below is our seagrass which is available on our Please check and let us know in case you need any more information from our products.

Vietnam handicraft products from Bamboo

It will be missing if you ignore products of bamboo. With artisans who learn from ancestors can say that bamboo is a long-life history in Vietnam. So it’s why you can find many items made from bamboo in Vietnam. You can see it on baskets, lamp shade, furniture, decor items…

Below is our collection for bamboo items which you can find on our website as well as get the quotation in case you need. 

Vietnam handicraft products from Rattan

Vietnam Rattan known as products made from furniture like stool, table or chair. However, you will be surprised with many items made from rattan such baskets, decor, mirror.. 

Below is our collection for rattan products which is available on our website and you can easily request us to make quotation in case you need. 

Vietnam handicraft products made from palm leaf

Palm leaf is a kind of new material in Vietnam when comparing with products has a long history. However, this material bring many unique items which can give the customers a lot ideas to use in daily life. In palm leaf material, you can easily to make color with many patterns which can not apply on the others material.

Please see our collection for palm leaf products which we believe you will want to have a quotation immediately. 

Vietnam handicraft products made from poly plastic

Even we still have more materials to create the handicraft products however we would like to choose poly plastic as a last item of 6 Vietnam handicraft products you should know. Because you can find an big surprise to find a artificial material which make non-sense think about handicraft products.

Be a artificial material so this material very is easy to create the pattern, color…which they can make similar look like the natural such as poly rattan. Moreover, with poly plastic we can control the source through that keep the good price for products. 

With our collection of poly plastic items will make have a different thinking for this kind of material.

We just go through all our collection of Vietnam handicraft Products which collected by Meko Craft team. We hope that you have found an interesting item and tell us your favorite let us send you the quotation. All information you can call us at +84 938 991 223 or email us at You can also follow up on social media such as facebook; instagram