What is water hyacinth? Why water hyacinth is the best handicraft material in Vietnam?

What is water hyacinth? Why water hyacinth is the best handicraft material in Vietnam? 1

When you try to search what is the best material for handicraft in Vietnam, it is easily to get the result related to water hyacinth by contents or pictures. It is always onset for any research. So what is the things to take them go to the top.

What is water hyacinth?

We have an article is Top 5 handicraft materials in Vietnam and it explained what is water hyacinth?

Water hyacinth is a kind of flora which live floating on rivers. In Vietnam, it is very easy to find water hyacinth because we have big rivers such Song Hong in the north and particularly Mekong River in the south.

This kind of tree is very easy to grow and they can invasive the other florals if people do not have a plan to prevent their grow. Our people always try to stop their development. So when we turn this kind of floral into products it make them to remove their headache.

So why water hyacinth is best material of handicraft in Vietnam?

In last article we have explained why water hyacinth find easily is also the main reason to take it to the top 5 materials in handicraft in Vietnam.

As mentioned, this material is very easily to grow so it always available in bulk with very competitive price with the other material. With available sources, our weavers can save the cost for buying material when they can find it everywhere in any seasons.

In Vietnam, we have a big system of river especially Mekong Data which is convenient environment to develop. So they always available and cheap material to find. It is good condition to create and remain the craft village nowadays. In the south there are many villages choose weave water hyacinth as main job to earn money.

All above conditions take water hyacinth always be on the top of material in Vietnam. Each year, there a thousands of water hyacinth containers to ship all over the world. Customers like the different look for this material.

dried water hyacinth

Water hyacinth Bags

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